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Educational Excellence Team

Educational Excellence Team

The Educational Excellence Team has oversight of all educational enhancement activity. It is led by the Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning and works closely with colleagues across the University to make sure enhancement and quality assurance are aligned.


What you need to know


Educational Excellence Team contact details
RoleNameTelephone Email
Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Sarah Speight (0115 84) 66465 Email
Head of Education Excellence Support Alison Reeves (0115 74) 84377 Email
Associate Director of Educational Excellence Carmen Tomas (0115 74) 84772 Email
Enhancement Manager Lindsay McLoughlin - Email
Quality Assurance Manager Hayley Robinson - Email
Quality and Enhancement Officer Craig Goodere (0115 82) 83052 Email
Governance and Quality Officer Mrinal Yardi - Email
Student Engagement Coordinator Carina Neil (0115 84) 68556 Email
Student Engagement Officer Dean Lymath - Email


For general problems and queries, please contact the Team's lead administrator.