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Executive Committees

This page contains basic information about the University-level Committees which oversee the development of teaching and learning across the University. Its content is primarily aimed at staff but may also be of interest to students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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What you need to know

There are currently three formal Committees which have responsibility for the University's teaching and learning agendas. Each includes senior academics, colleagues from Professional Services and the Students' Union amongst its membership, and colleagues from our overseas campuses in China and Malaysia are also represented. 

Each Committee also has its own lead administrator who oversees the organisation of meetings, agendas and shared spaces.

Education and Student Experience Committee (ESEC)

ESEC has overall responsibility for the University's academic quality and standards. In addition, it supports the work of Student Services, Campus Life, Admissions and Student Recruitment.

This group reports directly to the University's Senate and is chaired by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience.

For more information, please consult the following:

Education and Student Experience Committee


Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

TLC oversees the development and implementation of teaching and learning policies. It is also responsible for the identification and prioritisation of all teaching and learning activity relevant to the 'Education and Student Life' section of the University's Global Strategy 2020.

The group reports into ESEC, meets on a monthly basis and is chaired by the Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Curriculum Leadership.

For more information, please consult the following:

Teaching and Learning Committee


Quality and Standards Committee (QSC)

QSC oversees the University's application of all regulations, policies and procedures in respect to quality and standards. This includes regular reviews of the Quality Manual, appointing external examiners, consideration of annual monitoring reports, and the approval and withdrawal of courses.

The group reports into TLC and is currently chaired by Kimberley Edwards, Professor of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Education.

For more information, please consult the following:

Quality and Standards Committee


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If you are a member of University staff and have any urgent problems or queries relating to these Committees, please email the APVC for Teaching and Curriculum Leadership  Email
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