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Student digital capabilities

This page contains information about the University's work to develop the digital capabilities of its students. Its content is primarily aimed at students but may also be of interest to staff at all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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What you need to know

Digital capability has been identified as one of the four areas of professional competency which are most important for our students to develop at the University of Nottingham (UoN). 

As such, we’ve taken an evidence-based approach to identify gaps in current support and introduced a three-year programme to develop support and resources to address them.   

Some of that evidence has been generated by using two Jisc services: 

  • Building Digital Capabilities 
  • Digital Experience Insights 

In addition, our own survey of UoN alumni provided a wealth of information about the realities of the digital workplace, as well as what additional support our most recent graduates would have benefited from before transitioning from academic study into employment. 

Further information can be found in this University of Nottingham case study:

Preparing students for the digital workplace 

  • Building Digital Capabilities 

The Building Digital Capabilities service has enabled use of Jisc’s Digital Discovery Tool, a self-assessment for students (and staff) that returns a personalised proficiency report against a wide range of digital capabilities. This includes suggestions about next steps and links to a curated set of online resources to support your development.

The anonymised, aggregate data provided by the Digital Discovery Tool has provided a good sense as to the spread of digital capability amongst our student community. 

To access the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool directly, please consult the following:

JISC Digital Discovery Tool


Digital Insights

Joining the Digital Experience Insights service has allowed us to take part in Jisc’s national surveys to exploring how our students (and staff) engage with the digital environment.

This has further enabled us to benchmark the University of Nottingham experience with that of other institutions, as well as provided additional insight about our current students’ digital skills.

To access the surveys, please consult the following:

Digital Experience Insights Surveys


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