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This page contains basic information about the Student Engagement Associate scheme and the Students as Change Agents programme. Its content is primarily aimed at staff and students based within the UK, but may also be of interest to those in China and Malaysia.

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What you need to know

The Educational Excellence Team promotes students and staff working in partnership to make changes and improve the University and the student experience. To facilitate this, we provide support and resources for two key programmes: 

  • Student Engagement Associates 
  • Students as Change Agents 

You can find some more information about these programmes below. There are also links to the SharePoint sites that serve as central hubs for the programmes, providing more detailed information about them and how to get involved. 

Student Engagement Associates

Student Engagement Associates (SEAs) are students employed by the Educational Excellence Team to work on strategic institution-wide projects prioritised by the University. Our aim is to work closely with students to ensure that their voice is heard in the University's developments and decisions.

Who are SEAs?

SEAs are paid roles for a small number of students who we employ on a regular basis from a range of Faculties, year groups and backgrounds. They objectively engage in various strategic partnership projects over in the academic year, but we also engage additional students as SEAs for specific projects throughout the year.

What kind of projects do SEAs work on?

SEA work is varied, but students have worked on projects to: 

SEAs will work on the projects prioritised by the Education and Student Experience Strategic Delivery Plan, but we will consider proposals for other projects that have institution-wide impact. 

Want more information?

If you’re a student or member of staff at the University, for more detailed information about the programme please see the SEA webpage. 


Students as Change Agents

Student as Change Agents (SACA) is a programme that has been run by the University since 2014/15 to support students and staff in academic Schools working in partnership to improve teaching and learning. This programme is dedicated to supporting local initiatives at the level of course, Department or School for the enhancement of education and student experience.

Over the years it has been running, the programme has fundamentally influenced great change within the University, with staff and students working in partnership to improve student experience. As of the 22/23 academic year, the programme is undergoing a pilot phase, so its processes are slightly different this year. However, we are looking to involve student and Schools/Departments in core projects.

Want more information?

IFor more detailed on SACA, please see the Student as Change Agents webpage: 

SACA webpage


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