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Teaching and Learning Conference 2018

This page contains historical information about the 2018 session of the University's annual Teaching and Learning Conference. Its content may be of interest to staff and students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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What you need to know

2018's Conference invited colleagues to engage in critical debate and discussion around the important theme of "Digital Learning in Higher Education" and its potential to:

  • enhance the student experience;
  • effectively prepare students for their lives beyond university; and
  • support staff development and collaboration.

For more information about the Conference's final programme, please consult the following:

Summary of themes

Learning with others

  • Contributions from those who used technology to support and enhance collaborative teaching and learning amongst students or staff.

Learning through feedback and assessment

  • Contributions from those who utilised technology in an innovative way to enhance both feedback and the assessment of student work.

Learning for employability

  • Contributions from those who worked in partnership with employers to develop and embed graduate-level digital skills into teaching and learning.

Learning for challenge

  • Contributions from those who utilised digital learning in ways that provided intellectual rigour and challenge for students.

Learning for 21st Century students

  • Contributions from those who wished to open up dialogue around the juxtaposition of staff and student expectations (around teaching and learning) in a digital context.

Keynote speakers

Professor Phil Race 

  • "Optimising learning in a digital environment"

Dr Fiona McCullough 

  • "Towards a more effective pedagogy: blended learning as a tool for flexible course delivery"

Cassie O'Boyle 

  • "Digital competencies: life after university"

For more detailed information about each speaker, please consult the following:


Abstract submission guidance

For more information about the types of contributions received in 2018, please consult the following:


Video captures from the event

Vox Pop    

Dr Fiona McCullough

Professor Phil Race

Cassie O'Boyle


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