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Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

This page contains historical information about the 2019 session of the University's annual Teaching and Learning Conference. Its content may be of interest to staff and students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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What you need to know

2019's Conference was entitled 'Universal Design: meeting the teaching and learning challenges in 21st Century Higher Education' and occurred in the Monica Partridge Building (then Known as the Teaching and Learning Building) on Friday 3 May 2019.

For more information about the Conference's final programme, please consult the following:

Summary of themes

The 2019 conference invited participants to engage in critical debate and discussion around the themes of:

  • Developing self-regulated learners
  • Student engagement
  • Professional competencies
  • Student voice
  • Addressing the attainment gap
  • Digital learning

In particular, it sought to explore the question of how higher education could meet the challenges posed by changing cultural expectations around its role and function for staff and students.


Keynote speakers

Professor Pauline Kneale:

  • 'Meeting the teaching and learning challenges in 21st Century Higher Education'

Dr Richard Windle:

  • 'Digital learning development: stepping out of the comfort zone'

Cassie O'Boyle (SU Education Officer):

  • 'A curriculum for all and everything'

Abstract submission guidance

In 2019, the recommended contribution formats were advertised as:

  • Papers;
  • Posters;
  • Roundtable discussions; and
  • Workshops.

Potential contributers were asked to submit an online abstract which summarised their proposed contribution(s).


Documentation and video captures from the event

For more information about the Conference's main presentations, please consult the following:

For individual recordings of the Conference's breakout sessions (recorded using the Engage lecture capture service), please consult the following:

Teaching and Learning Conference 2019 - Echo 360 recordings


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