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Turnitin is an online subscription service which helps prevent plagiarism by checking submitted work.

Turnitin is integrated into Moodle. This means that assignments can be set up in any module and used via the Moodle assignment activity. Coursework can either be submitted directly via Turnitin or manually uploaded by staff. Students can use Turnitin at any time to check their own work via the Test Your Text Moodle page.

Additional services such as the Feedback Studio also allow for grading forms and qualitative or quantitative rubrics if desired.


What you need to know


There is currently no obligation for schools to use Turnitin. Overall practice remains varied across the University.

However, any schools that do use Turnitin are required to have a clear policy in place. This means their students are fully informed about how the service is being used.

Originality reports

Once a text has been cross-referenced, Turnitin will produce an originality report to indicate the percentage which has been matched.

However, these findings are neither an absolute indication nor proof of plagiarism and must always be interpreted in context. They are just an indication to the marker, who must then investigate further.


Support and governance

    For more detailed support and governance information regarding Turnitin, please consult the following:


For more information, please contact Learning Technologies.