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Xerte Online Toolkits

This page contains basic information about Xerte Online Toolkits, including examples of its use. It is primarily aimed at staff but may also be of interest to students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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What you need to know

Xerte Online Toolkits make it easier for staff and students to create high-quality learning materials and publish them online, where content is assembled using wizards and templates.

Xerte helps to promote collaboration and is in widespread use throughout the University in addition to its global community of users and developers.

To access the Xerte community, please use the following:

Xerte community

Support and guidance

Direct support is available from the Learning Content Team within the Learning Technology Section. They run training sessions for new users, and also help develop the software.

For basic guidance, please consult the following:

Xerte Project

Screencast introduction

Getting started



For an indication of uses and demonstrations of Xerte Online Toolkits, please consult the following:

Standard template (page examples)

Bootstrap template

Decision tree

Statistics: an intuitive introduction


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