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tbcHow does E-learning help me?

From a lecturer's point-of-view, e-learning can:

  • Help you to manage and organise your course materials more effectively and efficiently
  • Reduce the need for certain administrative tasks (for example, making paper copies, marking tests, giving out course reminders)
  • Enable you to monitor student participation and progress, ensuring that you can offer directed support and advice quickly and can make more effective use of staff-student contact time
  • Widen communication opportunities with your students
  • Help to change your role from "knowledge provider" to "learning facilitator", promoting self-directed learning
  • Reduce large-group teaching and increase time spent with small groups or individuals
  • Encourage the development of flexible learning materials.

tbcHow does E-learning help my students?

From a student's point-of-view, e-learning can:

  • Encourage anytime-anyplace access to course materials
  • Provide self-directed and self-paced learning, allowing students to keep track of their own progress
  • Increase opportunities for student participation, encouraging less confident students to take part
  • Support different learning styles (using flexible learning materials)
  • Promote student engagement (using interactive learning materials), improving learner motivation and satisfaction
  • Give direct access to relevant and up-to-date information
  • Alternate and complementary ways of learning often help to facilitate understanding
  • Enhance opportunities for collaborative group work
  • Improve communication with course tutor and teaching assistants
  • Facilitate communication between students, promoting peer group support
  • Aid preparation of future topics, and revision of previous topics
  • Improve organisation of course materials
  • Increase the accessibility of information and course materials to students with disabilities.

tbcThings to consider

Like any form of teaching, e-learning requires various resources to be developed successfully. Things to keep in mind

  • e-learning doesn't have to be the only way your course is delivered - often e-learning is delivered through "blended learning", in which e-learning is used to complement traditional educational methods.
  • e-learning could be a large or small part of your course - you may already have materials that can be converted into e-learning. It might be you're developing new course hand outs or extra material anyways, and could bring e-learning into this process.
  • There are guides and tutorials through el@n designed to help you get started with any e-learning query you might have.
  • Any use of technology to support teaching and learning could arguably be described as e-learning, and consequently you may already be using technology (or e-learning) to support your students.
  • The University also has dedicated e-learning staff who can help you with your work.

tbc Don't forget

To see how people have used e-learning at Nottingham, why not visit U-now

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