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tbcExamples from the web

Why not see if other universities have open courseware in similar areas to where you are

Tufts University Open Courseware

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Technology

MIT Open Courseware

Open University Open Courseware

Carnegie Mellon University Open Courseware

Open Courseware Consortium

Utah State Open Courseware

Thats just a few links to a few open courseware sites - and they are all academic sites. A quick search on the web will reveal all manner of sites and e-learning materials.

tbcOther web ideas

When looking for ideas from the web - don't just think open courseware. There are various other web sites and technologies out there that could help you make learning materials. For example :-

  • Google Maps - satelite maps covering most of the planet, and on Google Moon, some of the moon as well
  • RSS Feeds - RSS Feeds are a way of sites that frequently change content publishing this fact - if there are magazines or newspapers you're students might find useful - why not see if their website has an RSS Feed.
  • Podcasting - records lectures or discussions on themes and publish them online
  • Blogging - discuss topics and invite feedback

tbc Don't forget

Community @ Nottingham is a good place to look for other e-learning ideas

tbc Useful links

For information on online courses or distance learning please click here

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