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tbcStarting out with e-learning

E-learning as a term is very broad and can be anything that uses technology to enhance the learning experience, from simple online self tests or podcasts through to complex online simulations. Some times e-learning could be a matter of adding extra features into existing material, or rethinking the delivery of your materials and how technology could be embedded into them. In doing this, access to your materials could then be widened to cater for geographically dispersed students or to provide just-in-time access.

tbcE-learning Materials developed by E-learning teams

Here are some links to e-learning materials the university's e-learning staff have developed

Depiction of Terrorism in Film and Television
Professor Roberta Pearson from the School of American and Canadian Studies, discusses the fictional representation of terrorism
In this on-line lesson provided by 'CELE' international students can improve their social listening skills.
Numbers for nurses
The basic principles section deals with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, S.I. units and scales and gauges. You can read a case study on Numbers for Nurses here
One Stop Language Shop - Brazilian Portuguese
The varied exercises cover a range of topics from a solar eclipse to the Portuguese language.
Pathways 2 Information
The citing and referencing module is part of a wider online tutorial designed to teach a range of information skills to undergraduate students.
Virtual Field Trip
An interactive map containing computer generated 3D views.

tbc Don't forget

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tbc Useful links

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