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tbcWhere can I find Inspiration?

Inspiration may come in many forms - think about your course and how technology can enrich the learning process or you might find an idea for some e-learning material that helps you get started for your own work. As well as helping to get the creative juices flowing, the content of the inspiration section of el@n may inspire you to take a few tutorials from that section and start to enrich your content and materials.

The tutorials are a good place to start for inspiration - some of them cover ideas and concepts - and in taking that tutorial you'll not only learn some new skills but also have the chance to develop your own learning material at the same time. There are also worked examples - each one of these is a chance to take a step-by-step approach through developing materials - and again you'll pick up skills at the same time as developing learning materials.

As well as el@n, the University also has U-Now. U-Now is the University's open courseware imitative. Many universities from all across the world have decided to put e-learning course material on line for everyone to access - not just their own students. U-Now has examples of e-learning materials developed within the University, which is there for you to add to WebCT if you want, or to act as inspiration for your own ideas.

tbcSupport from your colleagues

Support from your colleagues is also available, and that's not just for technical queries. If you need help formulating an idea, or developing some content then they can help with that as well. The community section will provide lists of colleagues at Nottingham interested in e-learning, who can discuss your ideas either formally or informally. The e-learning community also meet on a monthly basis in term time, see el@n news for further information. Alternatively visit PESL (link item) for case studies and videos from your colleagues. There are also institutes, CETLs and support teams across the University who are available to help. See below for links.

tbc Don't forget

You can see what e-learning has already been developed at U-Now

tbc Useful links

For information on online courses or distance learning please click here

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