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This is el@n's jargon buster. Please click on a letter to search through our list of terms you may find used when discussing e-learning and the internet. If you can't find the term you are looking for, please email The IS-learning team

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MP3 files and files audio files used on computers. They are commonly used by people to convert songs from a CD and into an MP3 file for use on MP3 Players such as Apple's Ipod.


mySpace was the first social networking site to be widely used and known to the public. It allows people to log on and create profiles as well as make friends, post bulletins, blog and chat to each other.


MP4 is a contraction of MPEG-4 (mpeg is not related to JPEG). MP4s are multimedia formats that can store sounds and moving images. As well as storing these sounds and / or movies, MP4s files are created in such a way that they can be "streamed" over the internet. "Streaming" is the act of splitting a file into small sections and only sending the next section of the file when the file is playing. In this way, people wanting to see the file do not have to download all of it before they can see the beginning.



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