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This is el@n's jargon buster. Please click on a letter to search through our list of terms you may find used when discussing e-learning and the internet. If you can't find the term you are looking for, please email The IS-learning team

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Portal is a term used to describe a website on which there are often resources that are personalised or directly relevant to each individual visiting the site. Often a portal can be seen as a 'gateway' to the wider internet.


A Podcast is an audio file (usually spoken word) made available for download from the internet.


A file format developed using Adobe Acrobat technology and designed to ensure the file appears the same regardless of the computer on which it is read. Most PDF files are viewed in Acrobat Reader, which, as its name suggests, can only read the files not edit them.


PHP is a language used to write web pages and other parts of web technology. It is free software and is widely used on the internet (the page you are reading now is written in PHP).


PNG stands for portable network graphics and is a format for images (just as GIF, JPEG and BMP are). PNG files use the file extension PNG, and can be opened in most professional image editing software - however PNGs are not yet universally supported over the internet.

Progressive download

A progressive download is one in which a multimedia file is downloaded in one go. Progressive download is the opposite of streaming, where the file is downloaded and played in small sections to avoid the user having to download the entire file before anything happens.

Plagiarism Detection

The University has chosen Turnitin to detect plagiarism.



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