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This is el@n's jargon buster. Please click on a letter to search through our list of terms you may find used when discussing e-learning and the internet. If you can't find the term you are looking for, please email The IS-learning team

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RSS (there is some argument over what the abbreviation means) is a technology often deployed on sites with frequently updated content (for example news sites). Visitors can subscribe (much akin to newspapers or magazines except it's free!) to the RSS from this site, and then subsequently use software to access this without needing to revisit the site. Individual RSS sources are sometimes referred to as feeds.


RLO stands for Reusable Learning Object. E-Learning developers often attempt to create RLOs so that the learning object can be reused by other people. By creating RLOs, the development of e-learning materials can be accelerated because some resources will already exist.



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