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tbcHow can I make E-Learning Materials?

E-learning is a very broad term, and can mean anything from the use of video, audio or computer-based materials. In light of this its very likely you have material already that can be used as the basis of some e-learning materials.

You may find that internet sites also already have content that you can utilise - many websites such as the internet archive or THES contain repositories of useful internet based materials. Sites such as these often use the creative commons license - which means certain aspects of the material's copyright protection has been waived - always remember to check that you have the right to use the materials beforehand. There is useful advice from JISC legal available at

tbcDo I need any new skills?

Each type of e-learning material has various skills needed to create it, one of those being the talent of the subject expert to create the material in the first place. Once past the generation of ideas, varying degrees of technical knowledge soon come in to play. EL@N has various tutorials designed to help academics get up to speed on the skills they may need. As such, it is important to be aware of your own abilities and available resources before starting to make e-learning materials.

tbcI want to make new E-Learning materials

Modern tools and e-learning systems are getting much easier to use, though its important to approach the process with an idea of how much time and resources you can commit and you can expect of others. The help support you in the creation and re-use of e-learning materials, the University is developing 'e-learning toolkits.' E-Learning toolkits are easy to use tools and online support materials to enable staff to create their own e-learning materials.

tbcStart making materials

Spend some time thinking about what you think will benefit you students and then think what skills you have - what is the problem you are trying to solve. Remember there are dedicated e-learning staff available to help you with any queries you have. Once you have an idea, think of the skills you have and if they match what you want to create - use the el@n guides to get going.

tbc Don't forget

Any one can join the e-learning community, email the IS learning team team to find out more

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