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tbcImprove your E-Learning skills

When developing e-learning material everyone involved will bring a variety of skills that aren't just limited to IT. The self-help tutorials on EL@N are just part of a wider resource built to help you make e-learning materials. As well as these tutorials, there are pages where you can get help from staff, find out how to overcome common problems and get help from the wider e-learning community.

Remember that each tutorial will cover one particular topic, so if its not what you think you need please look for one more suitable. Ideally work through a series of tutorials to get a broader feel for a subject area - tutorials can also act as a great stimuli for giving you ideas for your own e-learning materials. If you can't find the tutorial you are after, please don't hesistate to get in touch.

There are learning technologists in teams across the University to help staff to develop and deploy e-learning materials. Some schools also have dedicated staff whose role includes support for the development of e-learning materials.


Here are just a selection of tutorials for you - to see all the tutorials click here. If you can't find the tutorial you're looking for, please contact us so we can offer you advice on the topic instead.

Here are the latest el@n tutorials

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How do I publish video

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How do I start to storyboard

What do I do if I forget my Second Life name or password

Why am I having problems logging into Second Life

How do I log in to Second Life

Why am I having problems creating an avatar

How do I get the Second Life viewer

Advanced WebCT Training

See all the tutorials in the What do you want to do? section

tbc Don't forget

Tutorials exist for all skill levels.

tbc Useful links

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