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tbcHow can I add E-Learning to my course?

E-learning can be used to enrich the learning process on a wide range of subject areas. Some courses ran via distance learning are - in the main - comprised solely of e-learning materials, but e-learning can be developed for any part of any course; the scale at which you wish to use it is entirely up to you. E-learning is a very broad term, and can mean anything from the use of video, audio or computer-based materials.

Developing effective e-learning materials will, as with any development of learning materials require a certain investment of your time, but with the help of staff who will work with you to provide advice and as required technical support to help make your e-learning ambitions a reality.

tbcOk, so where how do I start?

Think about your course - what are its learning goals - what knowledge should students have learned during the course? Using your current pedagogical approach think what is the problem you are trying to solve and how can e-learning technnlogy try to solve it.

Examples and Ideas

Maybe your course has a requirement for group discussion....

Maybe your course has elements where problem-based learning would help....

  • You could upload a series of case studies
  • You could think of how a piece of software could help simulate key principles

Maybe your course requires students to learn increasing complex principles....

  • You could upload some handouts to enable students to work at this in their own time
  • You could upload create a series of online tests to reinforce learning (click here for the guide)

tbcWhere do I go from here?

There are various things you can do now - if you've been inspired to start using e-learning why not read through some tutorials. If you're still looking for ideas, why not try the inspiration area and see if there's content you would find useful.

tbc Don't forget

If you are looking for ideas why not visit U-Now

tbc Useful links

For information on online courses or distance learning please click here

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