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tbcHow do I use audacity to edit a podcast

Tutorial overview

Edit and neaten your podcast, using Audacity (a free sound editing program).

This tutorial is rated as - 3 Computers - technical

You'll need the following software - Audacity installed on your PC.

You'll need the following hardware - A PC with internet access

You can download Audacity from the Sourceforge site. A set of guides on how to use Audacity has been produced and uploaded onto the internet here.

In particular, the following are useful

Basic Editing

Adjusting levels

Importing audio or adding music

Saving your project and exporting to MP3

tbc Tutorial key

Beginner - Beginner

Easy to achieve, little or no techinical skill required. E.g. The ability to use MS office.

Intermediate - Intermediate

Already using e-learning to support teaching and learning, for example you may already have a WebCT course.

Experienced - Experienced

Well versed in the use of e-learning technologies. E.g. The ability to create interactive content or use an image manipulation package.

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