Department of
Architecture and Built Environment

Architectural Type and the Discourse of Urbanism

Monday 14th December 2015 (10:30-17:00)

Architecture, Culture and Tectonics Research Group Symposium in collaboration with the School of Architecture, University of Technology, University of Nicosia and RCA.

Organised by Dr Katharina Borsi, Tarsha Finney and Dr Pavlos Philippou.

Architecture’s relationship to the city is one of the key themes in architectural and urban theory and practice. This relationship bears upon questions of architecture’s disciplinary autonomy, its agency in the change and transformation of the city, and the possibility of its politics. Indeed, recent years have seen a plethora of publications addressing architecture’s relationship to the city, seeking to understand the seemingly uncontrollable urban growth as a network of flows and infrastructures, or as an aggregation where architecture and the urban form an unquestioned, apparently natural, continuity. However, neither the descriptions of the complexities of the city nor the insistence on architecture’s formal autonomy as some sort of language articulate architecture’s precise relationship to the urban.

The following one-day symposium proposes to explore typology as a mode of spatial reasoning that underlies architecture’s autonomy as a field of thought and action, its agency in the transformation of the city, and its strategic intersection with the spatial politics of the liberal metropolis. It brings together academics and practitioners to reflect on typology both as critical project and design strategy.

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