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Jon was awarded an integrated Master's in Bioengineering at The University of Sheffield in 2016. He received First Class Honors with a specialism in Biomanufacturing. His MEng project involved preliminary work in the liquid-liquid extraction of proteins from a cell media, in a technique called aqueous two phase extraction. He was supervised by Professor Robert Falconer, formerly of the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, now of the University of Adelaide. During his studies, he played significant roles in the guiding of learning and teaching, at a course-wide, faculty-wide, and university-wide level. He was recognised for his outstanding contribution in these areas for the 2014/2015 academic year. ‚ÄčIn his PGR studies, he has taken on a wider role of encouraging Mental Health awareness and support at a Faculty-wide level.

Expertise Summary

Jon's PhD research project focused on the process of spherical agglomeration, which can be used to beneficially tailor the properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients within tablet manufacturing. He specifically elucidated the nucleation/wetting and growth/consolidation rate processes and their influence on final agglomerate properties. Jon also designed a new definition to more accurately quantify the bridging liquid/binder within the process itself, here introducing calculations to compensate for solvent miscibility within the ternary solvent system. This definition was developed with a view to standardizing reporting of this critical process parameter within future literature. Additional to this, kinetics of the agglomeration of a proprietary compound was investigated, in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde and industrial colleagues at GSK, Pfizer, Takeda and AZ. The results of this work have resulted in grant extensions, and are now serving as the foundation for the validation of pre-existing models.

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