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Teaching Summary

Yr 1 Analog Electronics (2001 - 2017) Business Planning (2002)

Business Planning for Engineers (2014 - 2017) Yr 2 Analog Electronics (2002)

Industrial Awareness (2004 - 2017) Signal Processing (2002-2008)

Integrated Engineering (2001) Electrical Systems (2005)

Numerical Methods (2002) Microwave Communications (2004)

C programming (2002-2003) Microprocessor control in Electrical Engineering (2003)

Research Summary


Dino graduated from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) with a BSEE (Hons) in 1986. He joined Motorola KL right after graduation as a process engineer for the microchip packages cerflat, cerdip and solder seal.

He later obtained a Phd from the University of Nottingham UK in 1991 with a thesis entitled "The Microwave Hall Effect in Organic Semiconductors".

Dino then worked as an engineering section head for process and equipment engineering (front end to final test) in Motorola Seremban in their power products division where he supervised 10 engineers and technicians, before joining Crystal Clear Technology (a Khazanah Nasional subsidiary) in 1995 as plant manager where he had 5 direct reports in his organization chart.

He was promoted to Director of Manufacturing for the same Khazanah Nasional subsidiary in Westlake Village California in 1998. He returned to Malaysia and was given the title Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2000 with the same company. Process, equipment and R and D engineers and managers reported to the CTO in this organization. As CTO for Crystal Clear Technology, Dino won a TAF (Technology Acquisition Fund) grant from the Malaysian government worth RM4.1 million.

Dino joined Nottingham's Malaysia campus as Assistant Professor in EE in 2001. He became Associate Professor in 2004. He was made Professor of Intelligent Systems in 2008. Dino also initiated and sustained the department Industrial Advisory Board from 2002 until 2008. From 2009 to 2010 he was head of a research division which included the Department of Applied Mathematics and most of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department.

Prof. Dino Isa was head of department for EE in UNMC from December 2010 to December 2013. During that time he successfully led the team in 9 accreditation exercises with the BEM. He recruited 5 new academic staff and managed 19 staff in total including the Dean of Engineering at the time who was an Electrical Engineer. During his tenure as head of department, he successfully justified the promotions of 3 assistant professors to associate professors and one associate professor to full professor who subsequently became the current head of EE, all in the same year.

From 2008 to 2010 he was also the Director of Commercialization for Nottingham Myriad Solutions Sdn Bhd the commercialization arm of the university in Malaysia.

In June 2017 Dino was appointed Director, CONNECT Initiative, Crops for the Future. The CONNECT initiative involves among other things, using machine learning to infer the level of profits available to a farmer when under-utilized crops are grown and its derivatives are processed on a commercial scale.

He is currently the chief consultant to Tiger Solutions Sdn Bhd an integrated oil and gas technology company interested in using machine learning to predict failure in oil and gas pipelines. Tiger solutions has an MOA with the university here in Malaysia. Dino is also co inventor on a 2005 tiger solutions patent for intelligent surveillance systems with Mr. Talwant Singh, its CEO.

As with most other professors he specializes in only one thing, the same thing as all his Phd students and all his collaborators, and that is "intelligent systems". More specifically, he applies the support vector machine in various domains. Dino has graduated 14 Phd students with another 4 currently in the pipeline - Hanim Basaruddin, Isaac Tan (ZTE), Azzemi Ariffin (TMRND) and Ridhuan Haji Samsuri. He also currently has an MPhil student, Khairi John an automation senior staff engineer from Infineon Melaka who will submit his thesis in 2017. A previous MPhil student from Sirim, Mohd. Sharul Azzemi has graduated and is currently in Manchester UK finishing a PhD project.

Dino's 14 ex Phd students; Dr. Oh Mei Shin (CAD-IT AI consultant), Dr. Rajprasad Rajkumar, Lee Lam Hong, VP Kallimani, Liao Heng Fui, Chen Zhi Yuan, Muhsin Hassan, Chia Yen Yee, Nik Ahmad Akram, Ahmida Ajina, Goh Chia Chieh, Manoj Embrandiri, Nur Nafisah Mohd Naim, and Hadiza Abu Bakar are pursuing their own careers in various companies and institutions including Motorola, ON semiconductor, Mimos and Infineon Kulim.

Prof Isa has also been principal investigator or collaborator on 18 grants in the past 18 years that he has been here at the university. Among the more prominent ones are a Crest commercialization grant, two Technofunds from Mosti (2008 and 2010) and three PRGS from MOHE, along with 11 e-science grants. No other researcher in UNMC has since obtained another Technofund. In 2018 Prof Isa was part of a team originating in Crops for the Future which won a Smartfund grant from MOSTI valued at RM2.33 million.

He was nominated for the Merdeka award in science and technology in 2012. He was nominated for the Lord Dearing award (an internal award for teaching and learning) in 2013. Dino is a reviewer for applied energy, applied intelligence and neural computing and applications.

Prof.Isa has more than 100 papers in his field of research. Kindly Google "dino isa support vector machine" for some of his papers. Thank you.

Selected Publications

Past Research

Microwave Electronics - "The Microwave Hall Effect in Organic Semiconductors", PhD University of Nottingham, UK 1991

Future Research

To continue to build international contacts in the field of machine learning. To improve the quality of my research output. To still be friends with my PhD students after they graduate and continue collaborating with them.

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