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Gnanam Gnanagurunathan

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Dr G.Gnanam's research interests are on printed antennas, metamaterial, antenna measurements and energy harvesting and in parallel, in Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems and optical communications. She serves the department as the Examination Officer .

Recent Publications

  • ASMA AMAN, NAFIZAH KHAN and GNANAM GNANAGURUNATHAN, 2021. Performance Comparison of Particle Filter in Small Satellite Attitude Estimation In: Small Satellite Conference, Aug 2021.
  • AMRITA GILL, GNANAM GNANAGURUNATHAN, NAFIZAH KHAN and A.MALEKMOHAMMADI, 2021. DP-QPSK for Optical Inter-Satellite Links in a Broadband Constellation Network In: 7th Icon Space Conference: Space Science and Communication System for Sustainability, Nov 2021.
  • LIM WEI CHENG and GNANAM GNANAGURUNATHAN, 2020. Two-Stage Dickson Charge Pump Rectifier with Harmonics Suppression for 2.45 GHz WPT In: 2020 IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM).
  • L. J. A. OLULE, G.GNANAGURUNATHAN, N. K. THULASIRAMAN and B.KASI, 2019. Modeling of an electromagnetic bandgap antenna Microwave Optical Technology Letters. Volume61(Issue1), Pages 51-55

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