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Propulsion Futures Beacon Multi-User Equipment Showcase

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 (13:00-16:00)
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Rebecca.stokes@nottingham.ac.uk or Graham.Harrison@nottingham.ac.uk

The Propulsion Futures Beacon is hosting a Multi-User Equipment Showcase on Wednesday 23 May.

The vision of the Beacon is to deliver new materials, devices and propulsion systems for transport, reducing the destructive impact of travel on the environment and benefiting societies across the world.

This particular event will showcase some of the new multi-user equipment that the Beacon is investing in and examples of initial projects. This will provide exciting opportunities for collaboration across Science and Engineering.

As well as a series of short presentations, there will be a Q&A session with Beacon Executive Board members, and you will have an opportunity to talk to those leading the first round of Beacon-funded projects during the poster session.

Although Propulsion Futures is based in Engineering and Science we would like to engage with colleagues in other Faculties, for example respiratory medicine (our technologies and systems aim to reduce pollution and improve air quality); Economics/Business School (eg what are the economic benefits of hybrid or electric vehicles to the UK?

Can we improve economic modelling to support analysis in this area?

How can the UK maximise job creation and investment in electric/hybrid vehicle markets?); Sociology (eg what are the societal impacts of these new technologies?).

So whether you have a specific interest or want to understand more about the Beacon, please do come along.

The event is open to academics, post-docs and the Research Development Network; please book your place using Eventbrite.

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