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Asia Aerospace City opens Research and Technology Centre

On Thursday 6 November, Asia Aerospace City (AAC) launched its Research and Technology (R&T) Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The launch marked another milestone for both AAC and Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC) in championing the aerospace industry’s capability building in Asia.

The R&T Centre, located in German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) provides a platform for a development of virtual reality training programme for employees of aircraft manufacturers and assemblers. The research project is a joint effort by M-AeroTech, Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre, Universiti Malaya and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, with Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) lending its expertise in vocational training.

Virtual reality (VR) as an alternative training solution enables immersed and focused training of employees leading to cost efficiency, shorter training time and delivery of industry-ready employees. The VR system will be developed based on Airbus Helicopters’ technology by the local research consortium led by Universiti Malaya. Realising the huge potential of VR application, Universiti Malaya contributes significantly to this project and will be responsible for the interaction between the human and the virtual interface by adding sensorial information which is vital to the training process for aerospace manufacturing.

AMIC chief executive officer, Shamsul Kamar Abu Samah, said, “This in an important milestone for AMIC which is focusing on developing critical technical capabilities of local industry players through collaborative platforms. In this effort, there is a tremendous potential for VR, where we foresee its application in specific research on aerospace design as well as analysis. We’re also developing a versatile training programme with a holistic curriculum combining classroom sessions, exams and workshops, with the intention of making it commercially available to the aerospace industry.”

The AAC-AMIC’s R&T Centre also provides facilities for aerospace tooling manufacturing and automation of composite manufacturing processes. Shamsul also said, “We believe aerospace R&T will play a major role in ensuring the competitiveness of our aerospace industry at the global level. Hence, more quality, industry-led research activities on various topics such as tooling and automation are needed to support the growth of the industry. This will be a great challenge for AMIC and our research partners in delivering innovative technology solutions for our industry.”

In this regard, AMIC has partnered with The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus for its technical expertise as well as to locate relevant advanced research equipment into the centre. Through this arrangement, AMIC and its research partners will also be able to access various expertise within The University of Nottingham’s main campus in the United Kingdom. Research projects currently being assessed include reconfigurable tooling, robotic systems and the development of flexible manufacturing cells.


Posted on Friday 28th November 2014

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