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The MEng is our 4-year undergraduate master’s Programme. During this course students cover all of the same skills as our BEng students, however, have additional understanding and knowledge in technical detailing and manufacturing.

Combining skills in design, manufacturing, innovation, and other areas, our MEng Major Projects produce technically competent, innovative designs.

In addition to the work on display, these students produce a technical specification which detail the technical considerations of their design and indicate material and manufacturing processes utilised to realise the product.

We hope that you’ll enjoy browsing the work!

Our student's work

A skier wearing a helmet

Antonia Wallace

The ankle fracture trainer

Catriona Rogers

The MetaGate 3D face scanner

David Sylvester

Home bedside auditory unit

Dominic Ley

EXO Cargo Box on top of a car

Frederick Lock

TeleDrive remote control

George Hammond

Cair air extractor in a kitchen

Jake Woolard

A man riding a Roam electric scooter

Jenna Evans

An electric motorcycle

Matthew Potter

Unbiased beauty foundation creator

Natalia Polniaszek

Home workout machine

Sachin Ghelani

FlowBar asthma inhaler

Samuel Gaskin

Women on some home furniture

Sean Fagan

A bicycle with a pneumatic regenerative braking system

Sharmin Fattahi


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