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Chung See

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Dr See graduated in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from University College London in 1981, and received his PhD in 1986, also from UCL. His PhD and Post-Doctoral research concerned high-resolution, ultra-sensitive optical systems for imaging and metrology.

From 1988 to 1992, Dr See worked as a Senior Research Engineer at Rank Taylor Hobson Ltd, Leicester. His primary responsibility was to develop various optical metrology systems for texture, and form measurements.

Dr See joined the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Nottingham in October 1992 as a Lecturer in the Applied Optics Group. He was appointed a Senior Lecturer in 2001.

Dr See is an expert in applied optics, and particularly, in the applications of high sensitivity and high resolution optical techniques to the fields of engineering and biomedical sciences. He reviews scientific papers for well known journals such as Optics Letters, Optics Express, Applied Optics and the Journal of Microscopy.

Dr See is a member of the Optics and Photonics research group.

Research Summary

  • Optical imaging with lateral resolution in the nanometer scale
  • Optical dimensional measurement in the nanoscopic scale with sub-nanometer precision
  • Incorporation of signal processing techniques (ANN, GA, PCA etc) into optical systems to enhance and refine their applications
  • The use of ultra-sensitive optical systems for biological applications
  • Investigation of the relationships between lateral resolution, system signal to noise ratio, and the complexity of the object under measured

Current Teaching

  • Laboratory Skills A (H61LSA) Level 1
  • Laboratory Skills M (H61LSM) Level 1
  • Imaging Principles and Technology (H64IPT) Level 4
  • Imaging Principles and Technology with Project (H64IPP) Level 4

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