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Dave Thomas

Professor of Electromagnetic Applications, Faculty of Engineering


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Professor Dave Thomas SMIEEE MIET MIOP CEng was born in Padstow, UK on May 5 1959. He received a BSc degree in Physics from Imperial College of Science and Technology, an Mphil in Space Physics from the University of Sheffield and a PhD in electrical Engineering from the University of Nottingham in 1981, 1987 and 1990 respectively. In 1990 he joined the Department of electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Nottingham where he is now a Professor of Electromagnetic Applications.He is also Chair of IEEE EMC technical committee 7 "Low frequency EMC" and Convenor for CIGRE .Joint Working Group JWG C4.31 "EMC between communication circuits and power systems"

Professor Thomas is the Head of the George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research.

Expertise Summary

Electromagnetics, electromagnetic compatibility, power system transients, power quality, power system protection and control.

Research Summary

research interests are in Electromagnetic Compatibility, Computational Electromagnetics, Protection and Simulation of Power Networks,

Recent Publications

Past Research

Electromagnetic modelling studies for East Coast Main Line

Transmission line protection and fault location using fault generated transients. Innovation fellowship

Simplified models of emissions from electronic circuits based on near field scans

Electromagnetic characterization of printed circuit boards

An advanced single ended fault location scheme

A novel transmission-line monitoring method

Advanced Fault Protection Study - Phase 3 extension

Integrated Macro-models of Networks and Fields for the Simulation of Complex Systems.1

Clean Sky

Advanced Fault Protection Study - Phase 3

Advanced Fault Protection Study - Phase 2

Advanced fault Protection Study - Phase 1

Smiths University Strategic Partnership

Understanding and improving the behaviour of rutile based lightning arrestor systems

Time domain modelling using unstructured TLM Meshes

Advanced Electromagnetic Engineering (Platform Grant)

Three dimensional cell addressing: proof of concept study in the formation of complex tissue architectures in vitro

UHF probes for functional MRI: optimisation of performance for human brain imaging at 300 MHz. 

Dynamic meshing and fuzzy computational electromagnetics for large scale simulation.

Cellular and sub-cellular effects of microwave radiation in simple model organisims.

Electromagnetic Analysis, Modelling and Simulation (Platform Grant).

The effects of high carbon- in- ash on particulate emissions and electrostatic precipitator performance

A novel system impedance measurement for power system analysis and improved active filter control

modelling and simulation of material interactions with electromagnetic fields

Intermediate level modelling for electromagnetic compatibility studies

Tracking and water ingress In glass reinforced composites

Two studies on the biological effects of microwave radiation

Ionic species in the corona of an electrostatic precipitator

A strategy for integrated EMC design

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