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David Golightly

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I am currently working at the Human Factors Research Group at the University of Nottingham. I work in the field of cognitive ergonomics, understanding the factors that make technology and systems fit for the intended user's needs and cognitive abilities.

Some of this work examines 'design' factors - how user interfaces can be designed so that they are appropriate for the task for which they are intended, and I'm particularly interested in how domain knowledge and expertise affects how people use technology (and how technology influences domain knowledge and expertise!). I'm also interested in 'process' factors - how can our understanding of people be realistically integrated into technology development and deployment processes, particularly large-scale software developments such as telecomms operations, financial software systems and transportation systems. This has involved examining a number of methods for understanding and representing user requirements, from qualitative methods through to formal approaches such as Cognitive Work Analysis.

While I'm interested in all domains, I am most interested in the application of this research to transport - for example, how does technology support decision support in transport disruption, how can we capture and disseminate user requirements to support transport planning and transport behaviour, and how can we improve representations of predictive information such as Intelligent Infrastructure, or Train Driver Advisory Systems.

My PhD is in computer-mediated problem solving, which I completed in 1999 in the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham (Funded by ESRC). Around this time I also worked on a number of research projects including information systems design, speech recognition and knowledge-based systems approaches to knowledge management. After my PhD, I spent a number of years working as an HCI specialist in industry, managing usability activities, user research and interface design in mobile and financial systems. I have been at HFRG since 2007, and I am currently a Senior Research Fellow. I am also a Chartered Psychologist.

I am a member of the Human Factors Research Group.

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