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SHORT BIO: Dr. Lo Presti is a Principal Research Fellow of the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre at the University of Nottingham and his expertise is "Sustainable Engineering". Dr. Lo Presti's research is both applied and fundamental and consists in a multi-disciplinary approach to introduce sustainability concepts within civil engineering with a strong focus on Complex Material design, Recycling and Sustainability Assessment. At last, with the goal of investigating a sustainable Asset Management for preserving existing infrastructures as well as envisioning the future ones, Dr. Lo Presti is specializing in smart technologies, life-cycle management and multi-criteria decision making.

VISION: I define my area of research as "Sustainable and Smart development of Transport Infrastructure". In fact, I believe that engineering has no better choice that investing in its sustainable development embracing innovation and new technologies to support healthy society and respecting the environment. On this basis my vision on research needs is built upon links with industry and private sector to clearly understand research questions and undertaking collaborative research to conceive the transport infrastructures of the future SMARTI: "Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures" (http://smartietn.eu)

PROJECTS: Dr. Lo Presti is a certified Project Manager, he has secured funding for more than 10 million € in research grants and has extensive experience in coordinating wide, international and multi-disciplinary projects. On this regards, He has recently ensured funding for a world-wide effort aimed at exploiting his vision of Sustainable Multi-Functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures (SUP&R ITN 2013 - 2017 - SMARTI ETN 2017-2021). More Projects on the "projects" tab

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Expertise Summary

Applied Research

- Recycling in asphalt road pavements

- Sustainability Assessment and Life Cycle Management

- Re-use of tyre rubber in civil engineering applications (i.e. pavements, railways, roofing membranes)

- Modification of bitumen for asphalt concrete and roofing membranes

- Technology development for Railway trackbeds

- Smart road pavement for Smart asset management


- Development of strategies and technologies for maximisation of re-use/recycle of alternative materials in pavements and railway trackbeds

- Advanced rheological analysis of complex materials and Computational rheology

- Constitutive and Perfomance modelling of asphalt mixture and bituminous binders

- Sustainability Assessment of systems

- Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for complex systems

- Intelligent infrastructures: Structural Health Monitoring adn Asset management

Research Summary

Dr. Lo Presti's expertise is Sustainable Engineering and his research, both applied and fundamental, covers the whole lifecycle span of transport infrastructures ranging from developing zero-waste… read more

Selected Publications

Since 2010, Dr. Lo Presti has been appointed as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham where He has been main author of several international research proposals and He achieved to ensure his own funding to develop other international projects toward a career as independent researcher in sustainable development of transport infrastructures.


  • 2017 - 2021 - SMARTI ETN - Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures - (4M€ - 1.300,000€ at UNOTT) -H2020 Marie Curie Actions - "COORDINATOR
  • 2018 - 2020 Pavement LCM - a complete package for Life Cycle Management of green asphalt mixtures and road pavement - Conference of European Road Directors (CEDR) call "New materials" 2017
  • 2018 - 2020 CRABforOERE - Cold Recycled Asphalt Bases for Optimised Energy & Resource Efficient Pavements - Conference of European Road Directors (CEDR) call "New materials" 2017


  • 2015 - 2018 BIOREPAVATION: innovation in bio-recycling of asphalt pavement- (1.500,000€, 200k at UNOTT) - Funded by ERANET - INFRAVATION RESEARCH PROGRAMME under the call 2014. - PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR
  • 2013 - 2017 - SUP&R ITN: Sustainable Pavement & Railway Initial Training Network - (4€ - 1M€ at UNOTT) - Funded by EU FP7 within the People-Marie Curie ITN scheme. Main author, Co-investigator and Project Manager.
  • 2012 - 2015 co-PI of ALLBACK2PAVE (http://allback2pave.fehrl.org/) - "Towards 100% recycling of reclaimed asphalt in wearing courses" - CEDR call "recycling" 2012
  • 2013 - 2015 Co-PI, Academic supervisor of KTP with Chesterfelt Ltd
  • 2014 - 2015 PI, HERMES fellowship in "Rheometry of complex fluids"
  • 2010 - 2013 co-investigator under the 4M € EU FP7 project "ReRoad"- End of Life Strategies of Asphalt Pavements" http://re-road.fehrl.org/.


  • 2019 - RITA LEVI MONTALCINI Fellowship (call 2016) - 200k € project "SMARTECOINFRA" linked with a permanent position at an italian University
  • Feb 2015 - EPSRC Phd fees + FROG PhD studentship - (41,798£) - "EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant Centre in Complex Systems and Processes Pictures.
  • Oct 2014 - HERMES Fellowship - (20,000£) - "Rheology of complex fluids" received by University of Nottingham, UK, through EU funding
  • Aug 2013 - FROG PhD scolarship for EU student (Faculty of Engineering University of Nottingham) - 41,798£
  • Jun 2013 - FROG PhD scolarship for EU student (Faculty of Engineering University of Nottingham) - 47,798£
  • Jun 2013 - PhD Scholarship for Research Excellence from Brazil (Programa Capes/Universidade de Nottingham /Universidade de Birmingham - Bolsa de Doutorado Pleno) - 45,000£
  • Jun 2013 Main author, Co-PI and Project Manager of a European project "SUP&R ITN 2013 - 2017" Funded by EU FP7 within the People-Marie Curie ITN scheme - 4,066,597.00 €.
  • Jun 2013 CO-PI of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project to support technology development of a UK SME (KTP) 2013 - 2015 147.000£
  • Apr 2013: Co-Investigator of "ALLBACK2PAVE: Toward 100% recycling of reclaimed asphalt" (2013-2015) - 460.000€. Funded by CEDR TRANSNATIONAL ROAD RESEARCH PROGRAMME under the call 2012.
  • Jan 2012: "Bridging the Gaps "Next Generation feasibility Awards 2012" - 10.000£ for research activities. Funded by University of Nottingham

Current Research

Dr. Lo Presti's expertise is Sustainable Engineering and his research, both applied and fundamental, covers the whole lifecycle span of transport infrastructures ranging from developing zero-waste materials and technologies, to using smart frameworks for a more sustainable management of assets such as roads and railways. Within this field since 2010 Dr. Lo Presti has authored more than 50 publications mainly in international scientific journals and He has been involved in training and technology transfer to small companies as well as big enterprises and association of industries.

CURRENT PhD students:

Mr Mario Manosalvas - Responsive road pavement: technology development and asset management

Mr Philippe Sohouenou - Resilience assessment of Transport Infrastructure

Ms Giulia Siino - Structural health Monitoring of Railway Trackbeds

Mr Ahmed Zakaria - Energy harvesting from railways

Mr Juan Carvhalo - Sustainable pavements

Mr Gustavo Menegusso Pires - 100% reclaimed asphalt pavement

Mr Gaspare Giancontieri - Rheometry of complex fluids


Ms Ana Jimenez del Barro Carrion - Lifecycle assessment of innovative asphalt mixtures and road pavement

PREVIOUS projects/collaborators:

Ms Ana Jimenez del Barro Carrion - Biobinders for road asphalt pavement (PhD project)

Mr Giacomo D'Angelo - Sustainable technologies for Railway ballast (PhD project)

Ms Laura Trupia - Life Cycle Assessment of Road Pavement (PhD project)

Mr Ayad Subhy - Characterisation and development of rubberised bitumen (PhD project)

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