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Dr. Dovile Rama joined the University of Nottingham as a Research Fellow in Asset Management in 2011. Her research interests are in 1) asset and system dependability (i.e. availability, reliability, maintainability, durability and safety), resilience and costs analysis, 2) asset degradation and intervention modelling with a view to support develop and support asset management strategies, 3) optimisation of asset management strategies with a focus on optimising reliablity,safety and whole life costs, 4) optimisation of system design, operation and maintenance strategies.

Prior to her appointment at the University of Nottingham Dovile worked for two years in the railway industry as a Safety Assurance Engineer. She was involved in conducting safety and risk analysis for railway signalling systems and preparing, reviewing and approving safety documentation ensuring industry standards procedures were followed throughout all product development phases.

Research Summary

Dr Dovile Rama is a Research Fellow in the Asset Management Section of the Resilience Engineering Research Group at the University of Nottingham. Current research activities include:

1) Development of methodologies for fault diagnostic and prediction of railway assets and other engineering systems.

2) Development of models for capturing and predicting railway asset deterioration profiles using physical models and various data sources.

3) Development of efficient tools for asset management decision optimisation.

4) Development of a holistic modelling framework for railway infrastructure asset management for assessment and prediction of risks faced by infrastructure owner under various intervention strategies.

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