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Elizabeth Argyle

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Elizabeth is a Research Fellow with the Human Factors Research Group (HFRG) at the University of Nottingham. She received a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2016. Her research interests include human-computer interaction, situation awareness in sociotechnical systems, and decision making under uncertainty.

Recent Publications

  • ARGYLE, E.M., HOUGHTON, R.J., ATKIN, J.A.D., DE MAERE, G., MOORE, T. and MORVAN, H., 2018. Human performance and strategies while solving an aircraft routing and sequencing problem: An experimental approach Cognition, Technology & Work. 20(3), 425-441
  • GEERT DE MAERE, JASON ATKIN and ELIZABETH M. ARGYLE., 2018. Dynamic Programming With Strengthened Dominance for the Multi-Runway Sequencing and Allocation Problem In: Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling 2018. (In Press.)
  • JASON ATKIN, CHRISTOFAS STERGIANOS, ELIZABETH M. ARGYLE. and GEERT DE MAERE, 2018. Pruning for the QPPTW airport ground movement algorithm In: Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling 2018. (In Press.)
  • MARTINAITIS, S., GOURLEY, J., FLAMIG, Z., ARGYLE, E., CLARK III, R., ARTHUR, A., SMITH, B., ERLINGIS, J., PERFATER, S. and ALBRIGHT, B., 2017. The HMT Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Hydro Experiment Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 98(2),

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