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Luca Rossoni

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Luca obtained his BSc degree in Biotechnology at the University of Milano Bicocca, Italy (2008). During his MSc degree in Industrial Biotechnology obtained with honors at the same university (2011), he spent one year as an Erasmus student in the Department of Biotechnology at Lund University, Sweden, under the supervision of Prof. Rajni Hatti-Kaul.

In Lund, he was part of a multidisciplinary project focused on optimizing propionic acid fermentation in several bioreactor systems. Back from Sweden, Luca worked as an Assistant in laboratory training classes for microbiology MSc students.

In October 2011, after being offered a Case Scholarship, Luca joined the Bioprocess, Environmental and Chemical Technologies research group at the University of Nottingham where he did his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Gill Stephens and Prof. Peter Licence. His project, cosponsored by Lucite International, was about evolution of enzymes and metabolic engineering for production of methacrylic acid and other chemicals from renewable feedstock.

In 2015, he started working as a Research Associate in the same group at Nottingham. In collaboration with industrial partners (Ingenza and Lucite International) and Innovate UK, he was involved in designing chassis organisms for utilisation of various renewable feedstocks for the bioproduction of chemicals.

From April 2016, he is part of a CBMNet-led project aimed at engineering "super" E. coli and Clostridia strains with increased tolerance to small molecules of industrial relevance. The project is a collaboration between several academics and industrial representatives, and involves four Universities (Nottingham, York, Cambridge and Sheffield) and four commercial partners (Lucite, Green Biologics, Ingenza and the CPI).

Through fermentation and omics' studies, the aim is to understand in unprecedented detail the mechanisms of chemical toxicity and resistance in the chosen strains, and then to use synthetic biology techniques to rationally engineer strains that are tolerant to the substrate/product of interest and that can produce target molecules with higher yield and productivity.

See details at http://projectdetox.co.uk/

Luca is involved in the supervision of several PhD students and other various research projects, including microbial toxicity studies, strain development and protein engineering.

Expertise Summary

Luca's expertise include microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and microbial fermentation. He has experience in applied biocatalysis using whole microbial cells and isolated enzymes, whole-cell fermentation in several bioreactor set-ups, identification and utilization of diverse microorganisms for different purposes, enzymology studies, evolution of enzymes with random and rational approaches and metabolic engineering.

Luca has also teaching experience in microbiology, molecular biology techniques and synthetic biology.

For more details visit http://www.linkedin.com/pub/luca-rossoni/54/627/36b

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