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Richard Glassock

Research Fellow in Hybrid Propulsion Systems For Aircraft, Faculty of Engineering


Research Summary

Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems for Aircraft.

Utilising combined electrical and internal combustion mechanical drive systems to provide aircraft propulsion. This research provides theoretical foundations for development of real world solutions to improve the performance, versatility and energy efficiency of aircraft from small scale 'drone' types through to large commercial transport.

Past Research

Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems for Aircraft.

Masters research as well as applied prototype and operational hybrid drive systems were developed for unmanned airbourne vehicle (UAV) systems. Laboratory test units were analyzed using dynamometer and wind tunnel apparatus. A functional Starter Generator (Startgen) system was developed for an operational 85kg UAV. The Startgen succeeded in allowing remote engine starting for a 240cc petrol engine, and 500W aircraft electrical system charging and supply.

System level theoretical analysis tools were developed to demonstrate hybrid propulsion effectiveness, and hybrid component sizing optimisation.

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