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Dr. Rong Su is a research fellow of the Manufacturing Metrology Team at the University of Nottingham. His research interests include characterisation and calibration of high precision 3D optical metrology instruments, development of optical metrology tools and methods for precision and additive manufacturing, and 3D metrology using optical coherence tomography and X-ray computed tomography. He obtained a BSc in optical information science and technology from Sun Yat-sen University (China) in 2007, an MSc in Photonics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) in 2010, and a PhD in Industrial Metrology and Optics from KTH in 2014. He has worked at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK before joining Nottingham. Rong is a member of the Institute of Physics, the European Society of Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, and the American Society of Precision Engineering. He is also a Research Affiliate of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP).

Expertise Summary

Rong Su specialises in optical metrology, micro metrology, surface metrology, optical modelling, Monte Carlo methods, signal and image processing, interferometry, light scattering, optical and X-ray tomography, optical materials, instrument testing and calibration, international standards, GD&T, and measurement uncertainty analysis.

Teaching Summary

Advanced Metrology

Modern Industrial Metrology

Research Summary

Metrology for precision and additive manufacturing - EPSRC Manufacturing Fellowship (2015-2020).

Metrology for highly-parallel manufacturing (MetHPM) - EMPIR (2015-2018)

Reference algorithms and metrology on aspherical and freeform optical leness (FreeFORM) - EMPIR (2016-2019)

Selected Publications

Past Research

MULTILAYER - ​Roll-to-roll multi material layered 3D shaping technology - FP7 European project

Towards traceability of X-ray computed tomography - NPL project

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