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Rosmira Roslan

Assistant Professor,


Teaching Summary

I started teaching Calculus early 2020.

I am interested in learning (and enhancing skill in) software programming such as Phyton. My target is to convert transformation methods that I developed for my research into an application.

Past Research

Research Title: Formal Transformation for Automated Fault Tree Generation from UML Diagrams

This research focused on developing transformation methods that promises automated Fault Tree generation from system models that are presented in the Unified Modelling Language (UML). The main part of these methods is a generating a functional Fault Tree from UML Activities to capture the behavioural failure aspect of a system. The key features of the methods include i) the use of propositional calculus and probability theory to establish a mathematical foundation that ensures the generated Fault Trees are semantically equivalent to their source models, ii) the development of the Fault Propagation Chain which serves as a bridge to connect the system architectural viewpoint and system failure viewpoint, and iii) a set of overarching metamodels that unifies relevant UML metamodeld and Fault Tree metamodel to facilitate tool development.

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