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Xiaobing Feng

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Dr Feng is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Manufacturing Metrology Team at the University of Nottingham, part of the Advanced Manufacturing Research group. He is also part of the Bioengineering Research Group. Dr Feng obtained his BEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2008 and a PhD in the study of micro-wire electro discharge machining process in 2014. He started this post in 2014 on the EMRP IND 59 Multi-sensor metrology for microparts in innovative industrial products (Microparts). Dr Feng is also involved in Metrology for Highly Parallel Manufacturing (MetHPM), Metrology for additively manufactured medical implants (MetAMMI) and surface characterisation projects with industry. His research interests include surface and dimensional metrology, advanced manufacturing, precision engineering, biomedical implants and additive manufacturing of lattice structures.

Expertise Summary

During his work at the University of Nottingham and his PhD study, Dr Feng gained a range of experience with: metrology instruments tactile (CMM, AFM and stylus profiler) and optical (CSI, focus variation, point autofocus, OCT, X-ray CT and confocal microscopy); material and surface characterisation techniques SEM, EDX, indentation testing and optical microscopes; modelling and simulation of advanced manufacturing processes EDM and WEDM. He has worked with CAD tools and numerical simulation in MATLAB. He is also experienced in surface cleaning technologies, surface & dimensional measurement, optical sensors development, AM of medical implants and quality control for AM.

Research Summary

Dr Feng's current research activities in the university include:

  • analysis and testing of common surface cleaning technologies.
  • development of a low force and automated in-line cleaning system for µCMM stylus tips in order to address the dimensional error caused by debris.
  • experimental investigation on contamination build-up rate on stylus tips during CMM probing procedures.
  • development of imaging techniques for in-situ stylus inspection.
  • 2D profile and 3D areal surface measurement
  • development of optical difference engine tools for in-line metrology
  • quality control for additive manufactured medical implants

Past Research

Dr Feng studied the micro electro-discharge machining (µEDM) process during his PhD at the National University of Singapore, with a focus on the modeling of wire vibration and spark distribution of wire EDM process. He also investigated the surface morphology of single discharge craters under µEDM conditions using coherence scanning interferometer, and subsequently developed geometrical models for single and overlapping craters.

After obtaining PhD, Dr Feng shortly worked on a project developing monitoring system for super fast charging batteries.

Future Research

Dr Feng's research interest includes metrology, advanced manufacturing and quality control for additive manufacturing. Possible future activity includes precision metrology applications, precision machine design, novel manufacturing processes, material and surface characterisation, optical measurement methods, optical sensor development, XCT, quality control for AM processes.

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