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Zoe Gardner

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I have recently returned to academic research after an 8 year career break. My research background is in cultural, historical and environmental geographies, in which I completed my PhD at the University of Nottingham in 2008. During my career break I maintained contact with the research community through contributions made to several projects in both Landscape History and Geospatial Science, all conducted at the University of Nottingham. Stimulated by the prospect of returning to a career in academia, in 2015 I successfully applied for a Daphne Jackson Research Fellowship which I began in January 2016.

My current research is concerned with demographic biases in 'crowdsourced' data or Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), their impact on open source geospatial data projects (such OpenStreetMap) and what the implications might be for the sustainable development of cities.

Expertise Summary

Having conducted research across a range of geographical subjects and from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives I consider myself an interdisciplinary researcher. What draws my research interests together is a common thread of 'Human, Environment, Technology relations'. More specifically these include: citizen science, critical and feminist geographies, environmental and landscape history, the history and philosophy of technology and urban sustainability.

Research Summary

Bias in crowdsourced geospatial data: the potential implications for location-based services and the development of Smart and resilient cities.

Recent Publications

Past Research

Doctoral research: The cultural and historical geographies of renewable energy in Britain from the 1870s

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