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This is the place making the sustainable obtainable. We’re designing the places of tomorrow and helping make a greener planet spin a little smoother.

Our research focuses on strategies and systems for wellbeing, sustainability and responsible energy use in buildings, and the built environment.

Get ready to shape the real world. 




Research groups

Reserch groups related to building and sustainable energy technology.

Architecture, Culture and Tectonics

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The Architecture, Culture and Tectonics group focuses on architectural humanities, culture, design and tectonics.

Architecture, Culture and Tectonics



Buildings, Energy and Environment


The Buildings, Energy and Environment group aims to inform the sustainable practice of architecture and engineering, in order to enhance the quality of the built environment through world leading fundamental and applied collaborative research.

Buildings, Energy and Environment



Fluids and Thermal Engineering

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The Fluids and Thermal Engineering group have expertise in experimental fluid mechanics, computational fluids dynamics (CFD), two-phase flow and heat transfer enhancement, as well as thermodynamics and systems including internal combustion engines, HVAC and refrigeration, gas and oil process, thermal management and heat exchangers.

Fluids and Thermal Engineering



Human Factors

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The Human Factors group apply human factors theory, methods and approaches across a wide range of application areas such as design for usability, efficiency, effectiveness and wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations.

Human Factors



CDTs, centres and institutes

An electric motorbike on a laboratory table

Centres for Doctoral Training

Researchers examining a 3d printed nose

Research centres

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Research institutes



More engineering PhD research themes

Three PhD students working in the architecture studio

Architecture, People and Design

An engineering PhD student using a pilot scale bioreactor suite

Chemical, Environmental and Biotechnology

Two engineering PhD students using the Instron 8801 load frame

Civil and Surveying Engineering

An engineering PhD student using an optical fibre imaging system

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Assistant Professor Ming Li working with a Spark Plasma Sintering System in the Innovative Technology Research Centre

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing