Chemical, Environmental and Biotechnology PhD research

Research focusing on a variety of chemical and environmental engineering applications, including chemicals, materials, energy, pollutants, soil, waste and water treatment.

PhD courses

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Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs)

Biomass alternative for fuel

Resilient Decarbonised Fuel Energy Systems

Researchers in a lab looking at results

Sustainable Hydrogen

An electric motorbike on a laboratory table

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Research groups

Reserch groups related to chemical, environmental and biotechnology engineering.

Advanced Materials

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AMRG is building a dynamic, interactive community in materials research to advance technical excellence through collaborative, innovative research in science and engineering.

Advanced Materials


Centre for Additive Manufacturing


CfAM focuses on next generation multifunctional Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology.

Centre for Additive Manufacturing



Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Geoprocesses

Environmental Fluids

The Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Geoprocesses group includes academics and researchers from Civil Engineering and Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Research areas include oceans and atmosphere, geology and geoprecesses, coasts, lakes and sediments, natual hazards and experimental fluid mechanics.

Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Geoprocesses



Fluids and Thermal Engineering

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FLUTE have expertise in experimental fluid mechanics, computational fluids dynamics (CFD), two-phase flow and heat transfer enhancement, as well as thermodynamics and systems including internal combustion engines, HVAC and refrigeration, gas and oil process, thermal management and heat exchangers.

Fluids and Thermal Engineering



Food, Water, Waste

Food, water, waste

FWW work across a wide range of industries including food, bio-products, waste and resource management, wastewater and agriculture to deliver sustainable and resilient solutions to global challenges in the areas of food, water and resource security.

Food, Water, Waste



Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies

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LCERT's primary incentive is to develop new, innovative methods to reduce fossil fuel emissions that are causing irreversible damage to the earth’s atmosphere.

Low Carbon Energy and Resources Technologies



Sustainable Process Technologies

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SPT group specialises in sustainable manufacturing and treatment of chemicals and materials from renewable resources.

Sustainable Process Technologies



Research groups, centres and institutes

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Research centres

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Research institutes



More engineering research themes

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Architecture, People and Design

Students conducting sustainable energy research in lab coats

Building and Sustainable Energy Technology

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Civil and Surveying Engineering

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Assistant Professor Ming Li working with a Spark Plasma Sintering System in the Innovative Technology Research Centre

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing