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Our research focuses on electrical and electronic engineering applications such as renewable energy, power electronics, pervasive computing, biophysics, imaging and optical science, photonic engineering, ultrasonics and electromagnetic simulation.

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Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs)

SRAS - a non destructive evaluation technique

FIND (Non-Destructive Evaluation)

Electric motorbike

Sustainable Electric Propulsion

Researchers in a lab looking at results

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Research groups

Research groups related to electrical and electronic engineering. 

George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research


The George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research are experts in photonic and optoelectronic simulation, simulation for electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, and the transmission line modelling method (TLM).

George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research



Optics and Photonics

Optics and Photonics thumbnail

The Optics and Photonics group has strong work in Instrumentation engineering, the science of optical and ultrasonic waves - the creation, detection and manipulation of waves, and light/ultrasound/matter interactions - exploiting the way light and ultrasound.

Optics and Photonics



Power Electronics, Machines and Control

PEMC - thumbnail

The Power Electronics, Machines and Control group research focuses on power electronic systems, electrical machine technologies, drivers and controls, and power electronic integration.

Power Electronics, Machines and Control



Research groups, centres and institutes

Technician working with 3D printers

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Researchers examining a 3d printed nose

Research centres

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More engineering PhD research themes

Three PhD students working in the architecture studio

Architecture, People and Design

A female technician and female engineering PhD student using an inclinable rig

Building and Sustainable Energy Technology

- An engineering PhD student using a pilot scale bioreactor suite

Chemical, Environmental and Biotechnology

Two engineering PhD students using the Instron 8801 load frame

Civil and Surveying Engineering

Assistant Professor Ming Li working with a Spark Plasma Sintering System in the Innovative Technology Research Centre

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing