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Technology Transfer

We are successful in commercialising our research and translating it into real world applications. We innovate and collaborate with different industries helping them to solve problems and identify opportunities. 



Our Spin-out Portfolio  

The Faculty of Engineering has 10 spin-out companies, and one company spun into the university, across the healthcare and materials and manufacturing sectors. 

Promethean Particles

Founded in 2008

Promethean Particles design, develop and manufacture bespoke inorganic nanoparticle dispersions at a cost-effective industrial scale. 

SurePulse logo

Founded in 2014

SurePulse Medical has designed the SurePulse VS, a neonatal heart rate monitor designed for newborns who require help at birth. 

Added Scientific logo

Founded in 2015

Added Scientific are specialists in material jetting, binder jetting and photocurable 3D printing research and development for end-users.


TerraMotion Logo

Founded in 2015

Terra Motion can uniquely map land surface motion over rural and built-up environments using their APSIS technology providing comprehensive satellite ground monitoring data. 

Footfalls & Heartbeats logo

Founded in 2016

Footfalls and Heartbeats have developed a process for manufacturing smart fabrics able to measure parameters of interest without the need for wires or electronics. 

Taraz Metrology logo

Founded in 2018

Taraz Metrology are developing the world’s most advanced optical metrology systems focused on industrial-grade additive manufacturing. 


TextureJet logo

Founded in 2019

TextureJet have developed a tooling platform capable of selectively changing the surface texture of components. 

TTPi logo

Founded in 2020

TTPi are transforming power electronics for sustainable transport, energy systems and the digital economy. 

Cheesecake Energy Logo


Founded in 2020

Cheesecake Energy is developing the greenest energy storage technology in the world turning renewable energy into on-demand power. 


Scintam Engineering logo

Founded in 2021

Scintam Engineering provides innovative tooling platforms to increase the efficiency and safety of maintenance processes. 

Reactive Fusion Ltd logo

 Founded in 2022

Reactive Fusion Ltd is a hybrid Additive Manufacturing technique producing parts and component in a method similar to Binder Jetting, direct from the build in engineering grade Polyurethane materials.  



Our Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) 

The Faculty of Engineering has completed over 75 KTPs with a total award of over £11.5m. 

KTPs enable businesses to access and embed our expertise to improve their competitiveness and productivity. Managed by a KTP Associate, a talented graduate or post-graduate, these collaborative partnerships enable businesses to bring in new skills and the latest academic thinking to deliver a specific, strategic innovation project. 

Contact our KTP team via ktp@nottingham.ac.uk 

What our KTP Partners say:

Entering into a KTP massively accelerated our understanding of a complex technology which we believe, if successfully commercialised, will totally disrupt the market in which we operate.

Sprint Electric Limited 



The KTP Associate worked closely with the academic partner and our engineering, business development and applications teams to develop this tool which has become an integral part of the new business assessment process. 

Teledyne e2v



What our researchers say:


This KTP project initiated a new and exciting collaboration and partnership between the University and the company which will continue. It also created the possibility to strengthen strategic relationships with international industrial partners. 

Dr Liliana de Lillo (Power Electronics, Machines and Control) 




We have found the experience of the scheme incredibly valuable for cementing links with our industry partner and understanding where our research can be applied to solve challenges in their business.

Dr Adam Buttress (Advanced Materials)







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