Nottingham Summer Engineering Research Programme

For many of our students, this will be their first experience of working full time. It can be a daunting experience, but it is important to know there is always support available, whether from your supervisor, the admin support or even each other! 

This page should give you more information about what you can expect from the NSERP project in terms of working hours and restrictions, how the payments work and setting up social activities within the group which are important for supporting each other throughout the programme.

What to expect 70

What to Expect


Work Schedule

Your NSERP project will last either 8 or 10 weeks. During this time, you will be required to submit weekly time-sheets to show the hours you have worked, but you must follow the below guidelines: 

  • You can work up to 7 hours per day
  • You can work up to 35 hours per week
  • You must take a one hour unpaid break during a full working day
  • Your working week will be Monday to Friday and you should not work over the weekend
  • Overtime is not paid


Students are funded to undertake their NSERP projects, more details are disclosed to successful applicants. 

Successful students must enrol with Unitemps prior to the start of the programme. Students will be able to submit weekly time-sheets online through the Unitemps website for the hours they have worked and they are paid at the end of each month.

Overtime is not paid. 

As temporary members of staff, NSERP students are not entitled to paid annual leave so any days they choose to take off will be unpaid. In lieu of paid annual leave, students accrue holiday pay for authorised hours worked which they claim through the Unitemps website. 


Social Activities

To kick off NSERP in style, the Faculty of Engineering organises a social activity during the first week. The Faculty usually funds this, but a refundable deposit is required to secure your place. The activity is open to students and supervisors and offers a fun opportunity to get to know your fellow students and colleagues during the programme. 

NSERP students will find the campus is much quieter during their projects as most undergraduate students will have returned home for the summer. Past students have highlighted the importance of creating and maintaining relationships within your cohort as a key form of support throughout the project and we are keen to encourage and help facilitate this where possible.

At the start of the programme, we ask two or three students to become the social organisers for their NSERP cohort. This involves speaking to all students in the programme and arranging social activities for them to participate in. Past cohorts have arranged quiz nights, Sunday lunch at a local pub and some have even set up their own group chat!

2019 NSERP Social - 3

2019 NSERP Social - 5

2019 NSERP Social - 4


2019 NSERP Students who managed to escape!

2019 NSERP Social - 1

2019 NSERP Social - 6

2019 NSERP Social - 2


2019 NSERP Students who didn't escape and had to go in the cage of shame!

2017 NSERP Social

2018 NSERP cohort on their group social



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