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Elizabeth Alblas

Research Student,


Teaching Summary

During the 2019/2020 academic year, I worked as a Teaching Affiliate, teaching seminars on the first year undergraduate module Creative Writing Practice.

Research Summary

Research Topic

Women of World Mythology and Folklore: A Poetic Re-imagining of Cultural Stories and Figures

Research Summary

The main focus of my research lies in uncovering stories concerning female figures from world mythology and folklore throughout history. I subsequently explore and interpret their stories through poetics to create an accessible poetry collection that I aim to publish. This will be accompanied by a series of critical essays that investigates how contemporary authors have interrogated myths and folk tales to convey female experiences, from exploring concerns regarding the female body through to examining the spaces female figures have inhabited. My work, both creative and critical, seeks to explore how mythology and folklore can be utilised to present a variety of female experiences and to examine how women have been situated within cultural texts throughout time.

This builds upon my dissertation from my MA in Creative Writing, where I created eight poems around lesser known women from history, and explored how experimental poetic forms could convey female experiences as a way of challenging the traditional structural and formal aspects of a male-dominated literary canon.

The project is supervised by Dr Lila Matsumoto, Dr Bridget Vincent, and Dr Judith Jesch, and is supported by a School of English research scholarship. Outside of my PhD, I have been published in Laced, the University of Nottingham's first anthology showcasing the creative writing of postgraduates, and in the online magazine One Hand Clapping. I also write the blog The Thing With Feathers.

Research Interests

Women in mythology, Literature, History, Poetics.

Research Supervisors

Assistant Professor in Creative Writing, Faculty of Arts - Dr Lila Matsumoto

Assistant Professor in Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Faculty of Arts - Dr Bridget Vincent

Primary Funding Sources

School of English PhD Research Scholarship with the Drama and Creative Writing Research Group

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Clusters Membership

Drama and Creative Writing Research Group, The University of Nottingham

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