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Transgender identities in the Press

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Monday 15th February 2021 (16:00-17:00)
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Photograph of Angela Zottola
In this talk, Angela Zottola will discuss her research on the representation of trans people in newspapers. The data considered was collected from British and Canadian newspapers. Starting from the premise that language is one of the most powerful tools of manipulation often used to persuade and even instil specific beliefs or convictions, this study aims at uncovering how transgender individuals are represented in and through language on the media. In her analysis, she pinpoints negative or harmful practices and discuss how the linguistic choices in newspapers can influence the way gender and sexual identities are understood in society. The paper focuses on the use of terminology and, generally speaking, on the type of discourses associated with trans people in the press. The study covers a 3-year time span and highlights not only differences between the two countries but also small patterns of change in language choices despite the short time span.


About the speaker
Angela Zottola is a Researcher in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Turin (Italy). She received her PhD in Mind, Gender & Language – Language, Linguistics and ESP from the University of Napoli Federico II in 2018. Her research interests include (Critical) Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, Ecolinguistics and Queer Linguistics applied to the investigation of the media, including newspapers in different languages and social media platforms such as Twitter. Her research explores the use of language in constructing identity and how this can be influenced by ideologies.

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