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Aya Van Renterghem

Research Student, Faculty of Arts


Teaching Summary

I have taught

- Beginnings of English seminars (Spring semester 2014)

I am currently teaching

- Beginnings of English seminars (Autumn and Spring 2014-2015)

Research Summary

Research Summary

My current research concerns the perception of runes and the runic alphabet by medieval scholars and scribes, as evidenced by their utilisation of the script in manuscripts and the textual afterlife of this material. In my thesis I examine the practice of copying manuscript runes in the period after the ninth century and its connection with the idea of medieval antiquarianism/archaisticism. My PhD thesis also investigates the transition from epigraphical to written runes and its effect on this perception. I include both Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon runes, and analyse the differences and similarities between the use of these runes and how they are possibly connected in insular and continental manuscripts.

Research interests

  • Runology
  • Medieval languages (Old Germanic languages, Latin, Old Celtic Languages)
  • Anglo-Saxon Britain and Medieval Scandinavia
  • Palaeography and manuscript studies
  • Medieval translation and language contact

Teaching & Learning Interests

In the Spring semester I will be teaching seminars on Old English for the Q31207 module 'Beginnings of English'.

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