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Elisabeth Magin

Research Student,


Research Summary

Current status

PhD (full-time) - currently registered

Research Topic

Runes, runic writing and runic inscriptions as primary sources for town development in medieval Bergen, Norway

Research Summary

The aim of my thesis is to identify how, in which contexts and for which purposes runes were used in the medieval trading centre of Bergen, Norway by using modern EDP equipment. Much of my work is based on an archaeological database compiling the information that was uncovered in the so-called Bryggen excavations between 1955 and 1979 after a fire destroyed four house rows of the old merchant quarter of the city. Adding a runological database to the already existing archaeological database, and adding information from other excavation within the city centre as well, I will endeavour to identify certain areas of activity in the medieval town of Bergen with the aim of gaining more information on everyday life in Bergen.

Research Interests

  • Modern transformation of Old Norse mythology in computer games, literature and television
  • Use and implementation of modern EDP equipment in Humanities
  • Processes of Second Language Learning
  • The development of crime novels from Conan Doyle to Stieg Larsson
  • Childrens' literature in Scandinavia

Research Supervisors

Professor Judith Jesch

Dr. Christopher King

Dr. Gitte Hansen, (Universitetet i Bergen)

Primary Funding Source

Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership

Additional Information

  • BA in Scandinavian Studies and Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
  • MA in Scandinavian Studies and Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
  • From spring 2011 to summer 2015 I have worked as a student assistant, later on research assistant in the research project Runische Schriftlichkeit in den germanischen Sprachen. Edition der südgermanischen Runeninschriften, led by Prof. Klaus Düwel and Prof. Wilhelm Heizmann.
  • From autumn 2012 to summer 2015 I have taught Norwegian as a Foreign Language (levels A1-B1) at the Language Centre of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.
  • I am a certified Teacher for German as a Foreign/Second Language (DAF/DAZ) and in 2014 acted as an assistant teacher at a Secondary Modern School, teaching immigrant children German.

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