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Enhancing Feedback Report

Enhancing student feedback through the use of technology: trialling audio and video e-feedback on students’ work in the School of English.

This project, funded by the Teaching and Learning Strategic fund, aims to improve feedback to students and the student academic experience by trialling the use of audio and video feedback in the School, in a project which will test out the effectiveness of these technologies with both undergraduate and postgraduate students and in the ‘live’ and distance learning environments.

In September 2011 the project began with a one-day conference at Nottingham: ‘Learning Technologies: Enhancing Feedback and the Student Experience’, involving four invited speakers:

Dai Hounsell

Dai Hounsell (University of Edinburgh)

‘Rethinking Feedback: What's It For, and How Can It Make a Difference?'

Full Audio Feed - PowerPoint slides

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson (University of Leeds)

‘Talk ain’t cheap! Audio as a panacea to student feedback?’

Full Audio Feed

Anne Crook

Anne Crook (University of Reading)

‘The use of video technology for providing feedback to students: Can it enhance the feedback experience for staff and students?’

Full Audio Feed - PowerPoint slides

Russell Stannard

Russell Stannard (University of Warwick)

‘Revolutionising the way we provide feedback -­ 5 years of Screen Capture Experiments’

Full Audio Feed - PowerPoint slides

Question Extracts

What’s wrong with feedback, and why?

Why does feedback matter?

Audio feedback:

Video feedback:

Question and Answer Session:

You can watch the roundtable Question and Answer session (47mins) between all speakers, chaired by Prof. Wyn Morgan, the University of Nottingham's Director of teaching and Learning.

Jo Robinson, Director of Teaching, and Neal Alexander, Director of Distance Learning, are currently trialling audio feedback for third year undergraduate students and video feedback for MA English Studies students, and results from those trials will be reported here in Spring 2012.

Details of the Enhancing Feedback Conference held in 2011 are available.

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Useful Feedback links:

The University of Edinburgh’s Enhancing Feedback website

The University of Reading’s Engage in Feedback website

Engage in Assessment website

Russell Stannard’s Teacher Training Videos – demonstrating screen capture and many other uses of technology in teaching and assessment.

Oxford Brookes University project: Engaging Students with Assessment Feedback: with a great set of resources on assessment

In addition to the ASSET project at Reading, JISC has funded a number of projects investigating the use of audio and video feedback, most notably the Sounds Good project led by Leeds Metropolitan University and the Optimising Audio Feedback Assisted Learning for Student and Staff Experience project, based at Aberystwyth.


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