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Overseas Institution Report:Jack Tomlin

Nottingham DTC student Jack Tomlin reporting back following his ESRC-funded Overseas Institution Visit to Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Canada

Jack recently visited the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and other centres in Canada, with a view to developing and advising on a project that utilised the Forensic Restrictiveness Questionnaire (FRQ) he has developed as part of his ESRC funded PhD, as well as to extend his research network and disseminate early research fidnings. 

Jack worked with Ontario Shores to develop the research protocol, discussed methods for recruitment, data collection and the outcome parameters. During the visit, he also connected with the clinical forensic manager of the centre, its research and academic managers and from two other sites as well as atetnding research meetings.

Jack also had the opportunity to present the results of the PhD project on five formal occasions, one of which was filmed, recorded and live streamed to mental health sites across Ontario. "Disseminating these reseach findings to both academic and clinical (patient and staff) audiences was significant. I felt there was some real interest in the project and its possible research/clinical use."  The FRQ was salient for Ontario Shores in particular as its focus ties in with a key aspect of the recovery approach in mental health care - promoting autonomy and empowerment. That efforts are also being made to introduce the FRQ into routine clinical/academic practice is a huge boon for the project and is a significant indicator of project impact directly facilitated by the OIV.

 "This OIV was successful in meeting all the aims identified at the outset. I have learned huge amounts and have met many interesting, thoughtful and engaged people. I would recommend future ESRC-funded students apply for OIV funding. This visit enhanced my professional work, increased the scientific validity of my study results, gave me important viva practice, and facilitated international dissemination leading to meaningful impact."

Jack Tomlin

Posted on Wednesday 27th March 2019

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