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Based at the King's Meadow Campus the Mailroom processes all mail for the University (around 70,000 - 90,000 items per week). If Mail shots / Bulk Mail is to be sent then please telephone the Post Room at least 3 days in advance to book a collection. Our trained staff are also available to offer advice and help on all postal matters. 

For more detailed information see below:

Receiving personal postal items at the University?

With the wider and increased usage of shopping and the ordering of goods from the internet, it has become clear that the University postal service is delivering a considerable number of personal items across all of the campuses, as an alternative to home delivery.

A number of the mail delivery services take their bulk shipments of deliveries to the Post Room at King's Meadow Campus and the University delivery team deliver as an internal service to Schools and Departments.

There are a number of potential conflicts and operational inefficiencies with dealing with personal items alongside normal University mail at unit level.  In response to this issue, a new centralised service for the delivery and collection of personal items will be introduced from 1 February 2014, operated by the Estates Office central mail room facility at King's Meadow Campus.  The individual ordering the goods is responsible for providing the appropriate delivery address.

If the goods are for University business then the normal postal address should be put on the order.

If the item is of a personal nature then the following address MUST be used:


University of Nottingham
King's Meadow Campus
The Post Room
Lenton Lane
NG7 2NR 

The inclusion of 'The Post Room' in the delivery address will differentiate the mail from University mail.

Collection can be made from the Post Room counter at KMC from Monday to Friday 7.00 am - 5.15 pm.  There will be no charge for this service.  Where required, the mail Room staff will provide a signature to couriers for delivered items.  Items will be held in the Post Room and you will be notified by email that your item has arrived.  The item will be held for collection for 3 weeks and then it will be returned to sender.

If Schools and Departments are concerned they are receiving personal items that should not have come to the delivery point, these items can be returned to KMC marked for 'The Post Room' to be held for the individual to collect by the Mail Services team.

Should you have any queries in relation to this service, please do not hesitate to contact the Mail Room, tel: 0115 951 3011.

Recorded & Special Delivery Mail, what do I need to do?

For Recorded Delivery Mail (signed for) you will need to write 'Recorded' in the top left hand corner. If you require a timed delivery within the UK then write 'RMSD' (Royal Mail Special Delivery) in the top left hand corner. This is then sorted and routed appropriately in the Post Room.

Overseas Mail, what do I need to do?

Mail for overseas destinations is sent via Airmail, you will need to address the letter / parcel as normal and put it in your outgoing external mail, this is then sorted and routed appropriately in the Post Room. The Post Room will send it via the most cost effective and efficient carrier.

Mail Shots, what do I need to do to send one?

The University Post Room is able to process Mail Shots, but we do, however, require 3 days notice in advance of the collection date, so that we can ensure that we can process your mail effectively. You will need to provide us with details, including: your school / department for the collection, account code for charges, quantity of bags (all of which must weigh less than 11kg's for safety purposes).

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Phone 0115 9513011 (ext 13011 internally).


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